IN THE NEWS: Arrows Aiming for Major League Rugby Future

[article via Americas Rugby News]

Canadian rugby fans will orbit around the backyard this weekend to celebrate the nation’s 151st birthday. The hot topic for ‘cue-side conversation will no doubt be thoughts on the future as a winless June test series fades into memory and eyes turn to the World Cup Qualifiers in November. For most the question will be the same – how do we get our national senior men’s team back on track?

Not long after, our neighbors directly to the south will be grilling up their own stories. Theirs will be of a different timbre. An historic victory over Scotland, the rise of American rugby, and the arrival – at long last – of a professional domestic competition with teeth. By the time their cans are cracked the Major League Rugby Semi Finals will be done and dusted and the Grand Final just days away. A celebration of a new dawn, the true birth of independent American rugby.

Those in the north need not wait in the cold. As the west prepares to sail in hostile international waters, domestic progress stirs in the east. The Ontario Arrows have completed their spring campaign but have not sat idly. Plans are well afoot for the fall and if imminent discussions go swimmingly, there are brighter days ahead on the horizon for Canadian rugby.

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Header Photo Credit: Tim Aylen

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